SIA-R102Document either has no repeated content, or a skip link as its first focusable element

Accessibility requirements

This rule is not required for conformance to any accessibility requirements.


This rule checks that if a page has repeated content, then the first focusable element is a link to its main content.


This rule applies to any web page.


  1. For each test target, the outcome of at least one of the following rules is passed:


This rule makes the following assumption:

  • Any global dismissible information that only appears once per site has already been acknowledged and is not displayed anymore. Many sites display a cookies policy banner which might be stealing focus until dismissed (usually by viewing and accepting cookies policy). If such a banner is taken into account, the rule may fail incorrectly.

Accessibility support

This rule has no known accessibility support concerns.


In all examples, the <main> element is the main content of the page, and the <aside> element is repeated content.


Passed examples can be found in the various atomic rules that compose this rule.


This page fails both Document has no repeated content before the main content and First focusable element is link to main content:

<html lang="en">
        <title>The Three Kingdoms, Chapter 1</title>
        <aside id="about-book">
                The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a 14th century historical

        <main id="main">
                Unity succeeds division and division follows unity. One is bound
                to be replaced by the other after a long span of time.


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<svg xmlns="">
  <title>This is an SVG</title>


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