SIA-R91!important letter spacing in style attribute is wide enough

SIA-R93!important line height in style attribute is wide enough

SIA-R92!important word spacing in style attribute is wide enough

SIA-R30<audio> element content has text alternative

SIA-R23<audio> element content has transcript

SIA-R29<audio> element content is media alternative for text

SIA-R50<audio> or <video> avoids automatically playing audio

SIA-R49<audio> or <video> that plays automatically has a control mechanism

SIA-R48<audio> or <video> that plays automatically has no audio that lasts more than 3 seconds

SIA-R4<html> document elements have a lang attribute

SIA-R5<html> document elements have a valid lang attribute

SIA-R6<html> document elements have matching lang and xml:lang attributes (DEPRECATED)

SIA-R95<iframe> element with interactive elements does not have a negative tabindex

SIA-R13<iframe> elements have an accessible name

SIA-R15<iframe> elements with identical accessible names serve an equivalent purpose

SIA-R28<input type="image"> elements have an accessible name

SIA-R47<meta name="viewport"> elements do not prevent zoom

SIA-R63<object> elements have an accessible name

SIA-R43<svg> element with explicit role has non-empty accessible name

SIA-R76<th> elements are semantic headers

SIA-R27<video> element auditory content has accessible alternative

SIA-R22<video> element auditory content has captions

SIA-R31<video> element content is media alternative for text

SIA-R38<video> element visual content has accessible alternative

SIA-R25<video> element visual content has audio description

SIA-R36<video> element visual content has description track (DEPRECATED)

SIA-R37<video> element visual content has strict accessible alternative

SIA-R24<video> element visual content has transcript

SIA-R35<video> element visual-only content has accessible alternative

SIA-R32<video> element visual-only content has audio track alternative

SIA-R34<video> element visual-only content has description track (DEPRECATED)

SIA-R33<video> element visual-only content has transcript

SIA-R26<video> element visual-only content is media alternative for text

SIA-R52Adjacent links do not reference the same resource

SIA-R46All table header cells have assigned data cells

SIA-R20aria-* attributes have a valid name

SIA-R18aria-* states and properties are allowed

SIA-R19aria-* states and properties have a valid value

SIA-R54Assertive live region is marked as atomic

SIA-R10autocomplete attributes have a valid value

SIA-R12Buttons have an accessible name

SIA-R77Data cells are assigned at least one header cell

SIA-R102Document either has no repeated content, or a skip link as its first focusable element

SIA-R97Document has collapsible blocks of content

SIA-R98Document has heading at the start of its main content

SIA-R100Document has instrument to main content

SIA-R99Document has its main content inside a landmark

SIA-R101Document has no repeated content before the main content

SIA-R1Documents have a <title> element

SIA-R59Documents have headings

SIA-R61Documents start with a level 1 heading

SIA-R65Element in sequential focus order has visible focus

SIA-R90Element with presentational children has no focusable content

SIA-R86Elements that are marked as decorative are not exposed to assistive technologies

SIA-R68Elements with a role have required children

SIA-R42Elements with a role have required parent

SIA-R16Elements with a role have required states and properties

SIA-R17Elements with aria-hidden="true" are not focusable

SIA-R82Error message describes invalid form field value

SIA-R87First focusable element is link to main content

SIA-R75Font sizes are not too small

SIA-R8Form fields have an accessible name

SIA-R60Groups have an accessible name

SIA-R45Headers attribute specified on a cell refers to cells in the same table element

SIA-R64Heading has non-empty accessible name

SIA-R53Headings are structured

SIA-R78Headings of same level have text content between them

SIA-R109HTML page language subtag matches default language

SIA-R3id attributes have a unique value

SIA-R39Image filename is accessible name for image

SIA-R67Images and SVG that are marked as decorative are not exposed to assistive technologies

SIA-R2Images have an accessible name

SIA-R55Landmark regions with identical accessible names serve an equivalent purpose

SIA-R56Landmarks of same type have a unique accessible name

SIA-R7lang attributes within the <body> element have a valid value

SIA-R11Links have an accessible name

SIA-R62Links in blocks of text are distinguishable

SIA-R81Links with identical accessible names and context serve equivalent purpose

SIA-R41Links with identical accessible names have equivalent purpose

SIA-R94menuitem has non-empty accessible name

SIA-R70No obsolete or deprecated elements are used

SIA-R44Orientation of the page is not restricted using CSS transform property

SIA-R85Paragraphs of text are not all italics

SIA-R72Paragraphs of text are not all uppercase

SIA-R71Paragraphs of text are not justified

SIA-R74Paragraphs of text do not have font sizes defined in absolute units

SIA-R80Paragraphs of text do not have line heights defined in absolute units

SIA-R73Paragraphs of text have sufficient line height

SIA-R57Perceivable text content is included in a landmark

SIA-R79Preformatted text represents either code or a figure

SIA-R9Refreshes implemented using the <meta> element have no delay

SIA-R96Refreshes implemented using the <meta> element have no delay, without exception

SIA-R40Regions have an accessible name

SIA-R58Repeated blocks of content can be bypassed

SIA-R110role attributes have at least one valid value

SIA-R21role attributes have only valid values

SIA-R84Scrollable elements are keyboard accessible

SIA-R111Target Size (enhanced)

SIA-R113Target Size (minimum)

SIA-R66Text has enhanced contrast

SIA-R69Text has minimum contrast

SIA-R89Text in link has enhanced contrast

SIA-R88Text in link has minimum contrast

SIA-R104Text in widget has enhanced contrast

SIA-R103Text in widget has minimum contrast

SIA-R83Text nodes are not clipped when text is resized

SIA-R14Visible labels are included in accessible names