SIA-R52Adjacent links do not reference the same resource

Accessibility requirements

This rule is not required for conformance to any accessibility requirements.


This rule checks that adjacent links do not lead to the same destination.


This rule applies to every pair of adjacent elements that both have a semantic role of link.


  1. When followed, the links in each pair of target elements do not resolve to the same resource or to equivalent resources. Resolving the links includes potential redirects if the redirects happen without perceivable delay.


This rule makes no assumptions.

Accessibility support

This rule has no known accessibility support concerns.



These two adjacent links lead to different resources:

<a href="/about.html">About us</a><a href="/contact.html">Contact us</a>


These two adjacent links lead to the same resource:

<a href="/contact.html">About us</a><a href="/contact.html">Contact us</a>


This page contains only one link:

<a href="/about.html">About us</a>

This page does not contain adjacent links because there is perceivable content between them:

<a href="/contact.html">Contact us</a>
    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
<a href="/contact.html">Contact us</a>

This page contains two adjacent elements, but one of them is a button, not a link:

<a href="/contact.html">Contact us</a><button>Click me!</button>