SIA-R47<meta name="viewport"> elements do not prevent zoom

Accessibility requirements

This rule tests conformance of the following accessibility requirements:


This rule checks that the <meta> element retains the user agent ability to zoom.


This rule applies to every <meta> element with a name attribute whose value is a case-insensitive match for viewport and has a content attribute.


  1. For each test target, the content attribute, whose value is mapped to a list of property/value pairs in a user-agent specific manner, does not:

    • specify the property user-scalable with a value of no; nor
    • specify the property maximum-scale with a value of less than 2.


Accessibility support

Desktop browsers ignore the viewport <meta> element, and most modern mobile browsers either ignore it by default or have an accessibility option which will allow zooming. This rule is not relevant for desktop browsers, nor for most modern mobile browsers. Only users with older mobile browsers can experience issues tested by this rule.



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