SIA-R16Elements with a role have required states and properties

Accessibility requirements

This rule tests conformance of the following accessibility requirements:


This rule checks that elements that have a role also specify all required states and properties for that role.


This rule applies to every element in the HTML or SVG namespace that has an explicit semantic role which is different from its implicit semantic role.


  1. The element specifies all required states and properties of its semantic role.


This rule makes no assumptions.

Accessibility support

This rule has no known accessibility support concerns.


Mapping of ARIA states of property from native elements is the responsibility of the user agent, not of the author. This rule is intended to check correct implementation of ARIA semantics by authors, not by user agents.



This element with a role of checkbox has the required property aria-checked and therefore passes the rule:

<div role="checkbox" aria-checked="false"></div>


This element with a role of combobox is missing the required aria-controls property and therefore fails the rule:

<div role="combobox" aria-expanded="true"></div>


This element has no role and is therefore inapplicable:



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