SIA-R15<iframe> elements with identical accessible names serve an equivalent purpose

Accessibility requirements

This rule tests conformance of the following accessibility requirements:


This rule checks that <iframe> elements with identical accessible names serve the same or an equivalent purpose.


This rule applies to every set of any two or more <iframe> elements in the HTML namespace which


  1. The elements either embed the same resource or equivalent resources.


This rule makes no assumptions.

Accessibility support

This rule has no known accessibility support concerns.



These two <iframe> elements have the same accessible name and embed the same resource:

<iframe title="Contact us" src="../page-one.html"></iframe>

<iframe aria-label="Contact us" src="../page-one.html"></iframe>

These two <iframe> elements have the same accessible name and embed equivalent resources (supposing that the files page-one.html and page-one-copy.html have the exact same content):

<div id="desc-for-iframe">Contact us</div>
<iframe aria-labelledby="desc-for-iframe" src="../page-one.html"></iframe>

<iframe title="Contact us" src="../page-one-copy.html"></iframe>

These two <iframe> elements have the same accessible name. They refer to different URLs with different content (possibly provided by a third party advertiser). But the embedded resources have an equivalent purpose: showing an advertisement. Therefore, they are considered equivalent resources:




These two <iframe> elements have the same accessible name but embed different content (supposing that the files page-one.html and page-two.html have differences in the content and not just, say, in the layout and presentation):

<iframe aria-label="Contact us" src="../page-one.html"></iframe>

<iframe aria-label="Contact us" src="../page-two.html"></iframe>


The rule does not apply if the accessible name of each <iframe> element is unique:

<iframe aria-label="Unique title 1" src="../page-one.html"></iframe>

<iframe title="Unique title 2" src="../page-two.html"></iframe>

The first of these two <iframe> elements is not included in the accessibility tree. Therefore, it is ignored by this rule and the rule is not applicable on single elements:

<iframe aria-hidden="true" title="Contact us" src="../page-one.html"></iframe>

<div id="desc-for-iframe">Contact us</div>
<iframe aria-labelledby="desc-for-iframe" src="../page-two.html"></iframe>


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