SIA-R63<object> elements have an accessible name

Accessibility requirements

This rule tests conformance of the following accessibility requirements:


This rule checks that <object> elements have an accessible name.


This rule applies to every <object> element in the HTML namespace that is included in the accessibility tree and embeds a resource whose MIME type is either image, or audio or video.


  1. The element has an accessible name that is not empty.


This rule makes the following assumption:

  • The <object> element is not used to embed textual content, such as another HTML document. For this purpose, an <iframe> should instead be used.

Accessibility support

This rule has no known accessibility support concerns.



This <object> element has an accessible name given by its aria-label attribute.

<object aria-label="A placeholder image" data="foo.jpg" />


This <object> element has an empty accessible name.

<object data="foo.jpg" />


This <object> element is not included in the accessibility tree:

<object aria-hidden="true" data="foo.jpg" />

There is no <object> element.

<img aria-label="A placeholder image" src="foo.jpg" />

Implementation details

  • <object> elements have no implicit ARIA role, but are nonetheless exposed to assistive technologies by user agents; Alfa thus applies to any <object> element that is not programmatically hidden.
  • Alfa does not sniff the MIME type of the embedded resource; instead it relies on both the type attribute (if any) and the extension of the filename in the data attribute.


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