Programmatically hidden

An HTML element is programmatically hidden if

Note: Contrarily to the other conditions, the visibility property may be reverted by descendants.

Note: Many browsers implement the hidden attribute by setting the display property to none. This implies that changes to the display property may override the hidden attribute and make the element not programmatically hidden. For example, <div hidden style="display: block">Hello</div> is not programmatically hidden by such user agents. For such user agents, the hidden attribute should be ignored and only the display property matters.

Note: Elements that are programmatically hidden are completely ignored by assistive technologies. This is different from not being included in the accessibility tree because some elements with no semantic meaning (containers) are not included in the accessibility tree without being programmatically hidden. For example <span>Hello</span> is not programmatically hidden, but is not included in the accessibility tree either since it has no role.